Sales Down Due to Covid-19? Add Online Shopping

Client: Rhinebeck Department Store

Effects of Covid-19

  • Covid-19 reduced sales to 0% for 10 weeks
  • Even after moving to Phase 4 reopening, store traffic is slow
  • Spring inventory not selling and in danger of never selling

Previous to Pandemic

  • Central Rhinebeck location ensured sales and foot traffic
  • Service was big reason for shopper loyalty
  • Site didn’t include ability to shop online
  • Website imagery not kept up-to-date / not focus of staff time
  • Constant Contact account cancelled
  • Email subscriptions not solicited
  • Inactive social media

Affordable Implementation of Online Shopping

  • Full Deck Design (FDD) installed e-commerce platform
  • FDD connected to payment gateway through Rhinebeck Department Store local commercial bank
  • FDD set up initial sale products and categories
  • FDD trained Rhinebeck Department Store staff how to create products and include them in site menus
  • RDS able to add in new products as time allows
  • Focus on adding spring inventory as sale items
  • Include ability to sell gift cards online
  • Email marketing & Instagram posts link to targeted sales items


  • Online and in-store sales are increasing
  • Merchandise for fall and holiday season ordered
  • Regular email blasts have encouraged sales
  • Active Instagram posts link to specific goods for sale on the website
  • SEO training videos helped staff improve search engine results
  • See the site live