Ralph T. Waterman Bird Club


Technology Meets Nature


  • Riveting imagery keeps visitors on the site
  • Email subscribers have the option to choose which information they’d like to subscribe to
  • Audio recording plays on home page
  • Custom Google map with descriptions and detailed site information
  • Automatic updating of tables by importing replacement Excel files
  • See the site live at


The Ralph T. Waterman Bird Club is an active group of Dutchess County, NY birders. Club members wanted a site that would be easily updated by members without programming experience; send out automated alerts for rare bird sightings, field trips, meetings and other news; limit access to some pages to members only; make it easy to record the important census records they keep; showcase the incredible photography taken by members; and inspire site visitors to take a walk in one of their local birding hot spots.


Full Deck’s design features a background image of a forest that really makes you feel like you’re in the woods—even includes local birdsong audio recorded by a club member on the home page. Spectacular bird photos lead off each page further enhancing the woodland experience. Next Step Digital built the site in WordPress with a custom dynamic posting method to log bird sightings with preset fields for accurate, consistent data gathering. Enthusiasts can sign up to receive alerts by RSS or by email. A custom Google map makes the club’s favorite birding spots easy to find and explore. A WordPress plugin automatically converts Excel files into custom designed tables allowing records keepers to upload files as they are updated.
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