Online Ordering Ability is Crucial for Retailers & Restaurants

Client: Kelly’s Bakery

Launching a Start-up Business with ShopKeep POS / Website

  • Implement a point-of-sale solution that integrates with online store
  • Prepare for a possible second wave of Covid-19 by offering curbside pickup or delivery
  • Set up a Google business account so your business will be shown in Google Maps
  • Create a smooth experience for phone users
  • Location is still key: Central Poughkeepsie spot will help Kelly’s Bakery to attract clients

Culinary Institute Trained Baker, Kevin Halim, Opens Kelly’s Bakery in Poughkeepsie

  • Full Deck Design (FDD) configured ShopKeep settings for in-store point-of-sale service
  • In-store sales processed with user-friendly display on iPad
  • FDD developed a WordPress site that integrates with ShopKeep account so that products automatically appear in the online store
  • FDD connected to payment gateway through ShopKeep
  • FDD set up initial sale products and categories
  • FDD trained Kelly’s Bakery staff how to create products and include them in site menus
  • Kelly’s Bakery able to quickly add in new products
  • Start marketing on day one: an email subscribe button on the website will build customer loyalty
  • Email marketing and social media posts link to targeted sales items