Here, Take My Card

As much as technology has taken over so many things in our business—our calendars, communication, and word processing—the reliable business card is still a must-have. Carrying a mini-billboard of your business that can easily slip into a pocket or wallet continues to be the best way to make a lasting impression on the people you meet.

Whether you are an upstart or an established professional in the corporate world, having a card at the ready is essential. And, now that we’re starting to go to in-person meetings, remember to restock your supply!

So what does a well-designed business card accomplish?

  • People will want to keep it. It’s clever or sharp-looking (or both!) and avoids landing in the pile of poorly designed cards to be forgotten.
  • It communicates a sense of professionalism. It shows you have thought about the details, and that reflects well on the overall impression of your business as a whole.
  • It breaks the mold in some way. Hand someone something a little unexpected and watch their eyebrows go up in surprise.
  • And that reaction is an automatic conversation starter!

A few tips to make your business card stand out

  • Leave white space. Besides giving the eye a rest, it leaves space to make a note or two.
  • Consider a non-standard size. For example, my business card is the size of a playing card (as in FULL DECK design!) which, interestingly enough, is only one-half inch wider than the standard 2” x 3-1/2” size – a small detail that makes a big impression.
  • Quality paper stock. It is worth a trip to the printer to feel the weight of the paper. You want a non-flimsy paper weight. Select a paper stock that works with your business—eco-friendly, colored, speckled, etc. There are so many options you can’t experience with a do-it-yourself website.
  • Custom treatments. Here are a few eye-catching options.
    • Custom die-cuts. A unique style cut out in a shape is a clear way to stand out from the crowd.
    • Choose a metallic color. 
    • Try embossing.  If your logo is a simple shape or if the logo has too fine lines for embossing, create a shape that includes the logo and emboss that.
  • Use both sides. Use one side to get attention and the other for business info. 
  • Although it may cost more, details like these are worth it in the long run.

Sure, plenty of sites help you do it yourself, but leave it to the professionals if you want to make the best impression. Full Deck Design is here to help you create the best business card.