Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce


Your Logo Should Evolve As Your Business Goals Change


  • Update your company logo to reflect revised mission
  • Build upon existing logo concept; rather than develop completely new logo
  • Create a family of logos that work together


In 2011, the Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce consolidated with the Greater Southern Dutchess Chamber further expanding its role in the region’s business community and creating a need for updated logos.


Since its inception as the Poughkeepsie Chamber of Commerce, the logo has included the Mid-Hudson Bridge. To honor that history, the new logo also features the bridge. In a complete departure from the previous detailed illustration of the entire bridge, however, Full Deck focused on one bridge tower. The fluid curves suggest the flexible, forward-thinking and welcoming nature of the Chamber’s staff, members and policies. Similarly, the goal for the Chamber Foundation’s logo was to maintain continuity with the old logo by featuring an acorn. Full Deck created a lively tree from multi-colored leaves and acorns representative of the dynamic students the organization nurtures. An acorn at the base of the tree ties in with the Foundation’s “Sowing the seeds of leadership.” tagline. Both logos were selected by graphic design book superstar David Carter to include in his Logos 2 collection. The Chamber has hired Full Deck to develop other logos as well.
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