The King Advantage


Soup to Nuts Design for Start-up Consulting Business


  • The King Advantage company name combines play on owner’s last name with what she can do for clients
  • Logo’s laurel wreath is a symbol of learning and knowledge—perfect metaphor for student counselor
  • Reduce startup costs by purchasing a existing WordPress theme with customizable layout features and responsive design functionality
  • See the site live at:


After nearly 20 years working as a high school guidance counselor, Linda King was ready to help students on a deeper level. She decided to open a private practice that would allow her to spend more time with two groups—college bound students and students facing school challenges. When we met, she needed help with naming her company, writing a tagline, designing a logo and corporate identity and developing a website. Read about the website development.


The decision to start a business is full of challenges, many of them things the new owner has never done before—like naming a business! Full Deck Design partnered with GiG Marketing for business name and tagline development. “The King Advantage: Putting College and Life in Focus” perfectly and succinctly describes what Linda brings to her students.

FDD coupled a crown—to represent King’s last name—with a laurel wreath—the symbol of learning and knowledge since ancient Greek and Roman times. The business card features the playful, feathery tip of the wreath to engage new business colleagues and potential clients.

To keep start-up costs to a minimum, FDD recommended purchasing an existing WordPress theme rather than developing a custom website design. The Specular theme we chose has built-in responsive functionality that automatically adjusts display for phones, tablets or desktop devices. We also devised a site map that would generate keyword rich content. The result is a clean looking, easy-to-navigate website that will attract students in need of The King Advantage’s services.

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