Westchester Library System


Simplify Complex Concepts with Infographics


  • Infographics can quickly provide clarity to concepts that are tricky to describe verbally.
  • A map with 3D elements effectively illustrates how participating individuals, businesses, government agencies and schools benefit from WLS’ digital and on-site programs and services.
  • To maximize the map’s effectiveness, it will be used as a poster in member libraries and be used throughout the year as informational brochure.


Westchester Library System enhances library services, technology and programming services for the county’s 38 public libraries. Previously, the annual report hadn’t fully communicated the breadth and depth of WLS’ contributions to members, donors and sponsors.


The goal for the 2015 annual report was to quickly and simply describe how WLS supports its member libraries. Pat Braja, Director of Development, believed an infographic-based approach could do what words had failed to do in the past. FDD’s solution was to create a map showing how and where people could take advantage of WLS’ programs and services. A house highlights their affiliation with Morningstar’s Home Access to proprietary stock information; a boat points to Freading, a downloadable eBook service; an office building stresses their connection to’s business video library; a school emphasizes the wealth of digital resources available to students; etc. WLS was thrilled with the map and intends to showcase it as much as possible. Posters of the map will be hung in member libraries to ensure members understand the full scope of programs and services available to them. And, the annual report will be distributed throughout the year as an informational brochure.
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