Marist Center for Sports Communication


Simple Logos Are Effective Logos


  • Your logo should visually describe your organization’s mission
  • The right logo will distinguish your organization as a leader in your field


The Marist Center for Sports Communication is a national academic leader in providing education in the growing field of sports communication. The Center maintains several key initiatives—a prominent speaker series, partnerships with external sports media organizations and a strong research arm led by its partnership with the Marist Poll. The Center also creates its own sports media including programming that airs on ESPN. Director Dr. Keith Strudler recognized that a distinctive logo would increase visibility for the Center as well as distinguish it as a leader among U.S. college programs.


Logo design is all about reducing complicated concepts into simple, iconic form. In this case, Full Deck Design not only had to convey the technical and verbal communications aspects of broadcasting, but that it was all about sports. Full Deck Design used sound bar waves broken into small squares to lend a tech-y feel to the idea of broadcast communications and create a sense of movement in an otherwise 2D icon. The stadium base lets you know that the broadcasts are sports-based. To allow for the greatest versatility, the logo works in both vertical and horizontal formats. We can’t wait to see the logo on a mic flag held by one of Marist’s young broadcasters!
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