Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practictioners and Educators (AOGPE)


Regain Site Rank from Competitors


  • Purchase urls to foil competitors
  • Design content to appeal to members, clients and donors
  • Create distinct, visually engaging display for smart phones
  • Design a custom portal for members to increase their engagement time
  • HTML-based sites aren’t responsive to smart phone and tablet users!
  • See the site live at


AOGPE certifies and accredits individuals and groups in the Orton-Gillingham approach to learning for people with dyslexia. Competitor organizations were hijacking potential site visitors with rivaling urls and better search engine optimization. The old HTML-based site was built many years ago and didn’t satisfy the needs of members and other target audiences.


Full Deck’s redesign was based on an indepth evaluation of AOGPE’s old website and those of their closest competitors. The clean design and concise content make the new site easy to explore. AOGPE purchased url addresses to thwart customer poaching by competitors. The navigation structure and home page content quickly direct AOGPE’s three main target audiences—members, accredited institutions and parents—to their most frequently accessed information. Breadcrumb menus and color-coded pages let site visitors know exactly where they are and how they got there. Site content adapts responsively and engagingly on smart phones. The Members Only page includes links to the information most frequently accessed by members which means they will spend more time on the website, which will lead to a higher site rank. Next Step Digital built the custom WordPress site. The NAME plug-in was used to handle member accounts.
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