The Nonprofit Gardener


New Brand for Startup Business


  • Sunflower logo icon accentuates business personality
  • The center of the logo shows a diverse group of people working around a circular table reinforcing inclusive work style
  • Eye-catching, 2-sided business card is a networking icebreaker
  • Website highlights NPG’s three key services—grant writing, fundraising and nonprofit formation
  • See the site live at


After 20 years working for nonprofits, Jennie Swartz Stokum started her own company, The Nonprofit Gardener, to bring her skill set to a larger number of local organizations. Jennie wanted the gardening metaphor to be an integral part of the business brand and asked FDD to consider using a sunflower in the logo design.


The sunflower is a symbol of loyalty, longevity and happiness—the perfect metaphor to capture the business personality of this business startup. By including a diverse group of people working around a circular table in the center of the flower, FDD highlighted NPG’s inclusive work style and broad range of services. Handing someone a business card is often their first introduction to your business. The eye-catching, two-sided design we created for NPG has proven to be a networking icebreaker and conversation starter. The website is informative, succinct and quickly directs site visitors to NPG’s three main services—grant writing, fundraising and nonprofit formation. Jennie’s approachable writing style brings life and engagement to her blog The Toolshed.
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