Mental Health America Dutchess County


Know Your Target Audience and Speak to Them Directly


  • Focusing marketing materials by target audience makes them more effective
  • Use brochures for general information and rack cards to drill down to one product, service, program or issue
  • Maintain brand with stylized elements and corporate colors
  • Use color to distinguish organizational divisions
  • Save money by printing multiple items at once


Mental Health of America Dutchess County is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting mental wellness through education, programs, advocacy, and community support. MHADC has three distinct departments—Adult Services, Community Education Services and Family Support & Advocacy Services. Each department—and sometimes the programs within each department—appeals to different groups of people.


The internet has created an environment where people expect to find what they’re looking for quickly and if they don’t, they move on. This has carried over into print applications as well. FDD developed a series of brochures and complementary rack cards to get information to each MHADC target audience as quickly as possible. The brochures convey full department goals and the rack cards focus on a single program. To maintain branding, we incorporated the curved line and blue and gold corporate colors. We used color to distinguish materials by department. MHADC was able to economize on print costs by printing multiple pieces at once.
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