Infographics Turn Data into Engaging Visual Information


  • Presenting data visually gets people’s attention
  • Infographics can express a particular opinion, or present data without bias as this sample shows
  • Illustrator’s built-in graph functionality allows you to create, edit and update graphs based on data
  • “Charting the Known World” subtitle inspiration for the map theme
  • Featured on home page of Initiatives Website dedicated to project


Idealware is a nonprofit organization dedicated to evaluating software and internet resources to help nonprofits make smart software decisions. Idealware collected a broad range of data about initiatives that share program results data across multiple organizations. Infographics are quickly scanned, tend to be more memorable than raw data and determined the best format to represent the project’s data.


The traditional elongated infographic format was used to highlight four different result graphics. Illustrator’s built-in graph capability allowed us to create the graph using data imported from Excel. As data was updated during the project, we were easily able to update the graph numbers preserving graph integrity. The “Charting the Known World” subtitle inspired the theme for the infographic’s map grid and background compass images. The color palette was selected based on existing branded materials.
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