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  • Think 21st century—it makes sense to work with Full Deck Design virtually
  • Professionally designed reports with crisp graphics increase credibility and get better response
  • Adhering to corporate identity standards reinforces brand
  • Adobe InDesign’s global style options allow uniform treatment for images, tables, fonts, colors and page setup
  • Export print and web versions of a report from a single InDesign file
  • Reduce design costs by training or hiring in-house staff with Adobe InDesign experience to work with templates


Exponent Partners builds technology for nonprofits to interpret and manage data using the Salesforce platform. They understand the role design can play in conveying a powerful message.


Despite our separation by 3,000+ miles, Exponent Partners recently hired us to work on a couple of report projects. Increasingly, we are working virtually with clients around the country who value our design sense and service-oriented ethic.

Corporate reports contain golden nuggets of data and information that are frequently overlooked because of the dry nature of their presentation. That’s where we come in. We create an engaging visual experience for readers by incorporating graphs, charts, images, and image-based graphics. These visual elements break up the heaviness of report text and reinforce the meaning of the data.

Our first project for Exponent Partners was a report focusing on specific data analysis. We took their rough sketches and created clean, eye-catching charts and graphic elements that clearly illustrated the data.

The second project was to create a template in Adobe InDesign that in-house staff could apply to future white paper reports. We developed a series of covers to handle different situations—a corporate sponsor, a cover photograph and stylized icons depicting main content categories. The interior of the report includes design treatments for the table of contents, category dividers, case studies, main text pages and appendices. In-house staff is easily able to use the template to create engaging white paper reports cost effectively.

Both projects use Exponent Partners’ corporate color palette to reinforce their corporate brand. Electronic and print versions of the report are easily exported from the same InDesign file.

“We appreciate Full Deck’s flexibility and quick turn around as well as crisp clean design.” Colleen McCarthy, Director of Marketing, Exponent Partners

Find out how easy it is to work with us—even if you’re miles away. Our rural location keeps our overhead low and our prices competitive.

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