MAP for Nonprofits


Design Reports that People Feel Compelled to Open


  • Clean, focused report cover design
  • Report design should be distinct but complement corporate identity brand
  • Add color charts and feature callouts to add visual interest to reports
  • Use royalty-free stock imagery to minimize image costs


Minnesota-based Map for Nonprofits partnered with Idealware to research how commonly used technology could help the more than 500 nonprofit organizations they service in Minnesota. Printed and web versions of the resulting research report were going to be widely distributed and MAP wanted to ensure that it was visually engaging, supported its technological theme and conformed to their existing brand.


Full Deck’s cover design features a team of professionals visually and figuratively looking forward. A modernistic arc that leads the reader into the report and the background circles lends the tech-y feel they wanted. MAP’s branding was supported by making their logo the main cover focus, using their corporate colors and a rectangular band on the cover. Each interior section opens with a large photo of people working in situations typical of MAP’s client base. To further maintain visual interest in the report’s interior, Full Deck created colorful charts, selected key points to feature as callouts and designed a distinct look for Case Study pages.
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