Children’s Home of Poughkeepsie


Design Boards Help People Visualize Final Report


  • Pencil sketched design boards illustrate how theme idea will be applied to full annual report
  • Centerfold with succinct, visually dynamic summary of program activity
  • Progressive color palettes create sense of movement and childlike joy
  • Explosion of color and patterns in zen doodles complement images from mural created by Mill Street Loft on the side of CHP gymnasium


The Children’s Home of Poughkeepsie serves children in the foster care system who have experienced neglect, abuse or disruption of parental relationships. Their annual report gives donors a snapshot of what’s transpired during the previous year. The one request from CHP was to make the program activity summary page more reader-friendly.


We believe theme-based annual reports are the most successful in communicating with donors or shareholders. Tasked with developing the theme for CHP’s annual report, FDD went back to pencil and paper! We sketched out rough page layouts identifying specific illustrations and article ideas to support our theme suggestions. In our initial discussions, we learned of CHP’s many collaborations with the community sparking the idea for the report theme—a community of friendship. Mill Street Loft’s colorful, playful mural painted on the side of CHP’s gymnasium inspired the design. We illustrated black and white zen doodles with bright, playful colors that jump off the page. To make the centerfold summary of program activity stand out we suggested brief, bulleted text with oversize numbers and a combination of FDD zen doodle artwork with a silhouetted part of the mural.
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