Mid-Hudson Workshop


Catchy Tagline Captures Spirit and Nature of Nonprofit’s Mission


  • Good taglines are easy to remember
  • Memorable business card fronts underscore key services with different photos
  • Email template that works equally well on desktop, tabloid and phone
  • Suite of icons developed to depict services
  • Tri-fold brochure to distribute at trade shows


The Mid-Hudson Workshop provides cost effective solutions for assembly, fabrication, fulfillment and packaging while providing meaningful work for physically and medically disabled individuals. A push to grow their business led to developing a fresh marketing approach.


The idea for Full Deck Design’s catchy tagline for MHW—Does your business need a hand?—emerged from a series of photos of hands at work. It memorably conveys the idea that MHW provides support services for growing businesses AND is also a helping hand to those they employ. To highlight the broad variety of work they do, we featured a series of hands-at-work photos on their business cards and an ad campaign. The one-column email template we developed displays cleanly on desktop, tablet and phone devices. To add visual interest, we created a series of icons to depict MHW’s main services. Each issue features a lead-in to a client success story. The complementary brochure brings everything together in an approachable way; its tri-fold format is affordable and easy to distribute at trade shows or in a standard envelope.
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