Ohio Legal Help


Brand for Non-Profit Legal Start-up


  • Logo features an O with the shape of Ohio and a star at its center
  • Identity looks governmental yet approachable and modern
  • Flyer template that staff can use in-house
  • Standards guide to ensure staff maintains the brand


Ohio Legal Help is a newly formed nonprofit organization that will be a resource for Ohio residents to understand the state's legal system, particularly low-income residents.


To reinforce the Ohio-centric service, FDD developed a logo design using the Ohio shape as the center of the O. The star adds the notion of quality “at the center” of the organization. The red, white and blue color scheme give it a government look while the contemporary text makes it accessible and friendly. A complementary flyer template was developed using InDesign. The final files and pc-friendly fonts are easy for staff to manage in-house. FDD developed a standards guide to ensure staff maintains the brand.
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