Catholic Charities Community Services of Dutchess County


Brand Embraces Warmth of Nonprofit’s Mission


  • Contemporary, friendly logo features the river and mountain shapes reflective of the Dutchess County landscape
  • A series of inserts fit into a custom-sized pocket folder
  • Warm, welcoming color palette reflects mission to minister to all people in need
  • All materials developed in two languages—English and Spanish
  • Clear call-to-action buttons and photo links make finding key information quick and easy on the website
  • Volunteer sign up and donation forms on the website help streamline administrative tasks
  • See the site live at


The Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York has services throughout the metropolitan NYC and the Mid Hudson Valley area and each county and responds locally to the needs of people in the communities.. Though they wanted to keep the Archdiocesan Catholic Charities cross—to show their affiliation—they wanted to have a distinctive logo that identified them as the local affiliated agency to acknowledge that the resources and services are for needs in Dutchess County. Catholic Charity Community Services of Dutchess County (CCCSDC) became a separate non-profit organization and hired Full Deck Design to develop a logo, print materials and a website.


CCCSDC’s mission of compassion and respect for people of all backgrounds was the driving force behind the design of the new brand. FDD chose a welcoming color palette and easy-to-read font choices. To communicate clearly with the local population, all materials are in English and Spanish. The open sides of the logo reinforce a sense of inclusiveness. To highlight Dutchess County’s location, the logo features flowing river and mountain shapes. The inside flap of the pocket folder is custom cut to the same river shape. CCCSDC can fill the pocket folder with inserts depending on the recipient detailing individual programs and services.

We partnered with Next Step Digital to develop the site. WordPress was selected as the best solution for its ease of use and short learning curve for their small nonprofit staff. The bilingual feature of the site allows search engine optimization for both languages. Clear call-to-action buttons and the Quick Links widget areas make it easy to find key information quickly. To help streamline administrative tasks, NSD created custom forms to handle volunteer signups and donation options.

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