Mac Creative Solutions


Be Competitive: Keep Your Marketing Materials Up-to-Date


  • Custom designed pocket folder with stepped inserts make it easy for readers to find relevant information
  • Business cards feature employee photos
  • Multiple use of industry news service
  • Quirky colored bars create welcoming tone that captures work style


Drastic changes in the health insurance industry as a result of Obama Care led to Mac Creative’s complete reevaluation of how all business was being transacted. Marketing communications hadn't had a fresh design in many years.


Open, colorful, appealing design conveys Mac business personality. Since their business is highly personal, business cards include friendly photos. Stacking the inserts in the pocket folder allows recipients to quickly get to pertinent information. GiG Marketing wrote the text for the inserts. To keep staff time at a minimum and ensure a steady source of content for the website, we suggested repurposing the content from their industry news subscription service.
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