Ingenious Use of Design by Caltech to Prank MIT

In an ongoing prank swap, Cal Tech students went to MIT for the freshman campus preview weekend armed with special mugs. When opened, the mugs read “MIT The Institute …READ MORE.


Skateboard Design Made from Abandoned Fishing Nets

California’s Bureo Skateboards is working with the Chilean government to create a fish-shaped skateboard made from abandoned fishing nets from Chile’s coast. Read the full story about this unique …READ MORE.


Interactive Infographics Get People to Stay on Your Site Longer

When site visitors get to push buttons, they will stick around to play—and boost your site ranking. Evoenergy’s interactive energy infographic is a perfect example.

Is Facebook Necessary for all Businesses

Food for thought @eat24 deleted their Facebook account and guess what happened? Nothing. Read the full story. 


Cool Furniture Design for Pets

Simply love the innovative ideas. Gets the creative juices flowing. See all the pet furniture ideas.